Friday, May 4, 2012

P52 Photo Challenge - Fiesta or Siesta - Week 18

For this week's P52 challenge, the theme is "fiesta or siesta." Since Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow, Sophia, Olivia, and I along with my sister (Mary) headed to Concord Street where there's a restaurant/grocery store/bakery that we enjoy going to: El Burrito Mercado.

We ate lunch together, the girls picked out a treat at the bakery, and we browsed through the store.

One of the items that we all found intriguing at El Burrito Mercado were the brightly-colored flowers.  At first glance from a distance, they look like typical artificial flowers. However, when we walked closer we thought they were made from paper. Then, we realized - it's not paper that was used to create the was corn husks.

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