Sunday, January 1, 2012

3 in 30 - Week 1

This year I'm going to do the 3 in 30 Challenge. Basically, the challenge was formed last year because "there was something missing in the blogosphere – there was a community that was needed – one that would encourage others to make their goals reality, helping them along the way with accountability."

Anyone can participate in the 3 in 30 Challenge. The first step is to make a list of three attainable goals for this month.

Throughout the week, check in with the 30 in 30 Challenge website, on Twitter using the hashtag #3in30, or on the Facebook page. Participants can join the weekly link-up by blogging about their progress or sharing their progress in the comments.

Participants are asked to visit the other participants’ blogs, connect on Twitter and/or Facebook, and encourage one another. The weekly linkup will go “live” each Friday at 8:00 a.m. ET and stay “live” through Monday at 7:00 a.m. ET.

As I was thinking about what goals I wanted to start with this year, I came up with these three:
3 Goals in January

1. Remove photographs from all photo albums and put in photo boxes. I began this process in 2011, but never completed it. My goal was to remove all the photographs so that the photo albums wouldn't continue to damage the images. (Many of the photographs are in albums that are not acid-free.)

2. Thoroughly clean and repair the master bedroom. I began this process in April 2011 by cleaning the closet and donating clothing that I no longer wore. I removed the clutter from the closet and either donated or threw it away. I had all the blinds repaired so they were in working order.

The next step is to wash all the walls and windows; repair a couple of light fixtures and the smoke detector; and clean the bookshelves and desk. I'd also like to paint in a few areas that need touch-ups.

The last step will be to clear out clutter and non-essential items. Any book that I haven't read or plan to in the very near future will be donated to the second-hand store. Any craft project that I'm not currently working on will be placed in my office downstairs. This should help to create a more calming and relaxing space.

3. Spend 15 minutes outside each day. This can be done in any number of ways - working with the horses; playing with the dogs; taking the dogs on a walk; going on a nature walk with Sophia and Olivia; going on a walk by myself (if it's too cold for the dogs); filling birdfeeders; taking the garbage/recycling to the street; cleaning fallen wood from the pastures; or stacking firewood. It doesn't matter...just 15 minutes outside.

As I thought about these goals, I thought of many more. The "I'd-like-to-do-this" and "I-should-really-do-this" set in, and I wanted to continue listing more than the three goals. But that's when failure can set in, and I need to focus only these three goals first.

If I finish some of them in less than a month...great. Maybe then I can add another one. But, for right now, it's important to stick with the 3 in 30 guidelines. Doing and completing the goals, rather than having many that are not reached, will be a very good way to start off the year!


Rita said...

What a great idea! And three things doesn't seem so overwhelming. Best of luck to you in 2012! :)

Trece said...

You are so right!! I keep thinking that I can do way more, and then do nothing. My three goals for January are:
Get dressed every day
Brush my hair evey night before bed
Eat one meal a day as a family, at the table.
Good luck with your goals!!

Tami @ said...

Looking forward to seeing your end results. P.S. Are photo boxes really safer than albums?

Deanna said...

Great goals! I especially love going outdoors. And I have the same question as Tami - are photo boxes really safer? I might need to make this a goal of mine in the near future!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

The photo boxes I have are archical quality and acid-free. I looked for ones that specifically had these features otherwise I don't think they would be any safer than the albums they are in now.

Thanks for the nice comments, everyone!

Paula said...

I like your goal of 15 minutes outside. I think I might need to add that to my list. It's so easy to get stuck inside all day, especially in the cold winter months.