Friday, January 27, 2012

3 in 30 Check-in - Week 4

This is the last check-in for the 3 in 30 goals for January.  I set three goals at the end of December to do during January.  Each week, I've been working towards meeting them.  Below, I have the final results of the goals for January.

3 Goals in January

1. Remove photographs from all photo albums and put in photo boxes. I began this process in 2011, but never completed it. My goal was to remove all the photographs so that the photo albums wouldn't continue to damage the images. (Many of the photographs are in albums that are not acid-free.)

This week I took photographs out of four more albums and put them in an archival-quality, photo-safe box.

Scrapbooks ready to have pictures removed from them.

There are still about a dozen albums I need to go through; and plan to do finish this project in February. Given the amount of space that the photo albums take up, I need to evenly divide the project over the month so the garbage can doesn't get overloaded.

Photos transferred from the albums to boxes.
Not only does it protect the photos, but it saves a lot of space.

2. Thoroughly clean and repair the master bedroom. I began this process in April 2011 by cleaning the closet and donating clothing that I no longer wore. I removed the clutter from the closet and either donated or threw it away. I had all the blinds repaired so they were in working order.

This week I had an electrician replace two light fixtures on the ceiling.

The light bulbs worked, but the covers
no longer would stay on the fixtures.
It was time for a change.

The old light fixtures were more than 16 years old, and the screws that secured the light covers couldn't hold onto the worn-out metal threads.  

This week, two new lights were installed and
the wiring for smoke detector fixed.

She also properly attached two light fixtures next to the bed. Apparently, the reason they were so unstable was that when they were initially put in (prior to moving in the home in 1995), the screws weren't put into the box where the wires are located, so they weren't installed correctly.

The lights by the bed are now properly installed.

The electrician also took a look at the hard-wired smoke detector and noticed that the reason it was malfunctioning was that there was a loose wire connection. She fixed that so now that should operate properly.

The next thing I did was clean off the dressing table that belonged to my grandma after several months of just piling items on it. Other matters took more importance over a clean desk (e.g., increased caregiving responsibilities for my parents for the past six months; my father's death and funeral earlier this month; the girls' and my health issues in mid-January).

Good's a surprise I could find anything.
This is not how I want things to look or be organized.

So, the craft projects I wanted to do (on the right side of the table) and my blue file container that holds bills and other financial papers (on the left side o the table) are back in my office downstairs. Now I can enjoy the photos and items that have special significance to me.

That's more like it...each of the items represent
something or someone who was/is important in my life;
or trips that I want to remember (Australia and China).

In terms of clutter around that area (on the desk and on the floor),
- I took a bag of craft projects downstairs to my office that I want to do.
- Put three bags of items that belonged in different parts of the home back in their proper places.
- Placed the vacuum cleaner and Spot-bot machine in the closet (and out of sight).

Next, I cleaned one of the two bookshelves (the other one is for homeschooling and was set up during August and maintained each week).

Oh my... 

The top shelf has my books and CDs now; and the bottom shelf has homeschooling supplies and some reference books and materials.

That's better. Now things are back to the way they were...
minus the books I no longer want or need.

I was able to get rid of 21 books - 15 of which will be donated to the second-hand store, and 6 to church. There also were items that I was able to recycle and throw away. 

21 books to donate.

During February, I want to wash all the walls and windows; and then paint the accent areas dark green (behind the bed and over the window on the west side of the room) and the walls white. 

I also want to go through the books on each side of the bed, and determine if they can be donated or I want to keep them. Having books on the bookshelf rather than by the side of the bed will help complete the look of a less-cluttered room, and create a more relaxing and calming space.

3. Spend 15 minutes outside each day.

I have been outside each day, although not for the full 15 minutes due to not feeling well. On Monday, I went to the doctor and found out that I not only had bacterial and sinus infections (and needed a prescription and over-the-counter medicine to address those issues), but my blood oxygen level was at 91.

Apparently a person's blood oxygen level shouldn't be that low (it should be 98 or above). With low readings, it means that oxygen can't get into your red blood cells which travel around your body and provide oxygen to important organs (e.g., brain, heart).

I read some interesting information HERE about the impact low oxygen levels can have on your health. It was worth the time to read it since I didn't know much about this issue.

Morning medicine for one day.
(The white container is medicine for my nebulizer
which also helps with breathing - in addition to the inhaler.)

The doctor increased my inhaler use (for asthma) from "as needed" to two puffs a day for four times a day for ten days. Hopefully, that will get that reading up to where it should be by opening up my lungs and making breathing easier. Until then, I have to modify my schedule (and goals) a bit.


The 3 in 30 challenge is such a great way to set goals for oneself. It makes moving towards larger goals possible because of setting smaller ones to achieve each month.

Was I able to accomplish each of the three goals in January perfectly? No. But, in reality, this month was unlike any other month in terms of multiple challenges on many levels. So, I'm okay with not accomplishing everything to the level I expected when I set the goals at the end of December.

What I'm happy about is that I moved forward on several different things that I have been wanting to do, but haven't done. As I look around and see..
...the photos I took out of unsafe albums safely in acid-free/photo-safe photo boxes;
...more space because of less photo albums;
...two new light fixtures;
...a repaired and functional smoke detector;
...two bedroom lights repaired;
...a simplified look to the master bedroom because of less clutter;
...two bags of books to be donated to the second-hand store and church; and
...coats, boots, hats, and mittens that I've been using when I go outside regularly...
I am very satisfied with what I was able to accomplish during an incredibly challenging month.


Jennifer said...

WOW! You have had a BUSY week. Great job!

Deanna said...

Okay, you're awesome! Great job with your goals.

Rita said...

Wow! Considering you got a late start in the month and didn't have enough oxygen--you got a heck of a lot done!! Congrats!! It is such a great feeling to see the before and after pictures, isn't it! Nice!! :):)

Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

Way to go - you have done a LOT!! I'm sorry to read about your father passing, I'm sure that added some stress.

Great goals for next month, I haven't even figured out what mine will be :)

Paula said...

Great work! I bet it feels great to see how neat and organized this spaces are now. Makes me want to go declutter!
Can't wait to see your next goals.

Sherri said...

Wow have you ever had a busy stressful month.
Your rooms looks amazing so far and 21 books?!? That is fantastic!!!

Julie said...

Wow, well done! That's amazing progress, especially considering all the extra stress this month. So sorry to hear about your father. Hope you feel better soon.