Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brown - The Summer of Color (Week 5)

I've been enjoying the past four weeks of The Summer of Color challenge. Week 5 is no different.  This week's color is brown, and I made three origami window stars as well as completed two more squares for my Summer of Color quilt.

Window stars that I made with brown translucent paper.

Each of the star points is folded multiple times and glued. Then, the points are attached to one another to reveal the window star's pattern.

I've made this pattern before, but never in brown.
It's interesting how different color paper
can completely change the look and feel of the window stars.

The sun was particularly bright on Sunday afternoon. With a 68% humidity level and temperature in the upper 80s, it felt quite tropical outside. And, to think, about two months ago there was snow on the ground. With the sun so bright, it almost makes the window star points glow.

This would be a good window star to
put up around autumn or Thanksgiving.

The quilt is coming along. I have ten 12-inch squares done which is good.

Ten quilt squares are done.

My goal is to use only fabric that I have on hand rather than buying new fabric.

For each of the quilt squares, there are seven different fabrics used.
Seven represents the number of days in the week.

I'd like to use the fabric that I've had for some time now and put it to good use.

This is not the order the squares will be in for the quilt.
I'm going to have a plain-colored piece of fabric in between each
row and column to break up the squares.
(Yes, that's a dog nose in the upper right hand corner of the picture.
Montague is resting near the quilt squares.)


Mandy said...

these are brilliant...i love folded papers...the best i can do is a cube/water

Sharon said...

Stunning origami window decorations!

Netty said...

Terrific window decorations, Annette x

Joanna said...

Those stars are STUNNING!

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Don't those window stars look fab made from the brown translucent paper.
I adore patchwork quilts...looking forward to seeing the end result :)
Jan x

Kristin said...

I admit to tearing up when I saw the WIP of your quilt. It is the most beautiful idea and I love that you are going to have a whole throw when you are done. AND that you are further challenging yourself to use only fabric you have on hand - really wonderful. And your origami stars are really special - I agree, perfect for autumn too, xo

Trece said...

I have to echo Kristin. The quilt squares are beautiful, and will be a wonderful and warm memory of the summer, come winter. The fabrics are perfect for this (though I suspect you know this, being a quilter). Oh, how I wish I lived next door. . .

Liette alias Pixelle said...

I like so much origami..I have done when I was younger but I don't remember now...I like to see it trought the light of your makes me dream...the fabric is also nice for your patchwork...see you next week for you red creation xxx

PaperPumpkin said...

Your window stars are lovely! And that quilt...I am moved by the thought of it being weekly work for this Summer of Color, using only fabrics you already had on hand. Such a beautiful, sensitive treasure...♥kathy

Anonymous said...

Your window stars are amazing.