Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Evening's Harvest

The tomatoes and cucumbers are doing very well. Wish there were more beans. The amount of beans and carrots picked was just right for the girls and I to enjoy at dinner tonight.

There are actually three more cucumbers that the girls picked, but not on this tray. We brought them to keep them cool (since is was in the mid-90s).

It's fun for Sophia and Olivia to see the results of planting and weeding the gardens. It's one of the many parts of homeschooling that I enjoy - being able to do hands-on learning with the girls so that what they do they are more likely to learn and retain.

Sophia enjoys finding the cucumbers hiding in the vines;

Sophia Harvesting a Cucumber

Olivia's First Carrot
and Olivia was thrilled when she pulled her first carrot out of the ground.

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