Monday, October 12, 2009

Sophia with the Pumpkin She Grew

Sophia with Pumpkin
Originally uploaded by Pictures by Ann

Each year, one of Sophia's projects is to grow pumpkins. This year, she was very happy with the harvest. There are lots of pumpkins - not huge ones, but lots of them.

This is one pumpkin that she liked and brought up to the house to decorate for autumn.


woolies said...

We used to grow pumpkins, when we lived back east. The vines would take up the entire side yard - I would just mow the grass around them. SO much fun!

mrsbeccijo said...

Look at that sweet face and how proud she is! I love the fall!

Lucky Ladybug Designs said...

She looks very proud of her pumpkin...will she make a pie out of it?

germandolls said...

That is a nice pumpkin! So round and evenly shaped! She did a wonderful job!

Kimara@weefolkart said...

She certainly looks proud, and I understand it. For some reason my pumpkin plants all died off this year, except for 1 that produced one... yep, one... mini pumpkin. I had planted a three sisters garden with the grandbabies and it only produced 8 ears of corn, a handful of beans, and no pumpkins. Even my tomatoes and zucchinis were meager. There is always next year, right? :)

Aquarian Bath said...

Nice! I homeschool too and we grew pumpkins this year as well.