Thursday, October 1, 2009

4 Pink Stars for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

4 Pink Stars
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These are four of the stars I made recently. They are made for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (in October).

I make the stars by hand-folding small squares of paper, overlaying the folded paper, and then gluing them together to create different patterns. One star, for example, is folded 11 times per point. With 16 points that 176 folds to make the star.)

The stars measure approximately 7 1/2", 8", 10", and 12" in diameter. They look wonderful in groups or individually.

The stars are available at Harvest Moon by Hand at

I also entered this set of stars in HandmadeMN's October challenge that is in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please take a moment and vote this item at: Thanks for your support!

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