Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hand Embroidered Sandman Doll

This is a Sandman doll that I made recently. It is made with fleece and felt and is incredibly soft to the touch.

He wants to help a young child fall asleep at home; be a travel companion in the car; or comfort someone who is sick or at a doctor or dentist appointment.

Every part of the toy is hand-embroidered - there are no loose parts. The face, stars, hands, and moon are all blanket-stitched onto the doll. The Sandman is then hand-sewn together using the blanket-stitch around all the edges.
He is stuffed with sheep wool - from sheep that I raised on my organic farm. The Sandman measures about 7 3/4" x 4" wide - a perfect size for small hands to hold.

The Sandman doll is availabe in my shop, Harvest Moon by Hand at

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