Monday, August 17, 2009

Sitting in a Tree Watching Bailey

Watching Bailey
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The girls are in the tree watching Bailey eat. This is another one of their favorite climbing trees. They also like the two apple trees in the backyard.

This tree, though, gives them a great view of the miniature horse and pony eating.

Bailey (the pony) and Hoss (the miniature horse) were adopted from the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation, and were delivered on Thursday, August 13th.

Bailey was bought at a horse auction when she was a baby and has been in foster home after foster home. The last one she was at in northern Minnesota the other horses in the herd ate her mane.

Hoss was from a neglect situation. He and another miniature horse came to the MHARF. The other mini was blind in both eyes and had a brain tumor. Apparently the owner did nothing about it.

We are so happy that both Bailey and Hoss are together as part of our family now; and are grateful for the work that the MHARF does on behalf of horses.


Cheryl said...

beautiful scene!

Moriah said...

Poor Hoss and Bailey! I'm glad they're in a good home now. :) I have a friend who's rescued a miniature horse from abuse and neglect, and she absolutely loves her. It's the sweetest!

-Moriah (tokyoloveletters)

Elvis Craftstello said...

Little girls and horses, what could make a better photo!

woolies said...

YAY for Hoss and Bailey, that they have found a safe home with you. I have 2 rescue horses as well.

onegoldensun said...

What a wonderful thing you are doing, for your childrenand the animals. Lovely!