Friday, August 14, 2009

Storm Clouds and Summer Produce

Storm Clouds
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Pictures by Ann
One of the reasons I like living in the country is the open space. This is the view looking east one morning. There have been a series of storms recently.

On Monday, there was a severe storum, but most of it was south of here which was a relief. Watched the weather report until almost 11 p.m. due to the threat of a tornado and high winds. Ended up getting a lot of lightening and thunder, and some rain.

This storm was all rain - things are definitely green around here now. The corn across the street is well over six feet high. The trees are loaded with plums, pears, cherries, and apples now. Days filled with canning and preserving the summer fruit is right around the corner.

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Elvis Craftstello said...

I love your photos, especially the one heading your blog. And when I read 'Waldorf inspired', I was about to talk salads with you, ha!