Monday, October 1, 2012

The Most Memorable Halloween

The most memorable Halloween was in 2007, when Sophia and Olivia were 6 and 4 years old respectively. Sophia chose a princess costume and Olivia picked a fall fairy costume.

The Girls in Halloween Costumes
Olivia and Sophia in their costumes
on Halloween in 2007.

Early in the day, each wanted me to put their hair in curlers.

Thinking About Something
Sophia in curlers.

These were the "old-fashioned" curlers - the sponge kind that they had to wear for hours until their wet hair dried.

Olivia in Curlers
Olivia in curlers.

One of the activities we did during the day was update their Halloween bag. Each of the girls has a hand-dyed bag made from a pillowcase.

Olivia in Pillowcase
Olivia wanted to show that she was small enough 
to fit in a pillowcase.

The bag is large - not with the intention of filling it with candy - but, rather, having a large enough space to trace their hand print each year.

Halloween Handprint Candy Bag
Sophia figuring out where she wants her hand traced.

Within their hand print, I print the year and the costume each one wore. During the past few years, the girls also have printed or hand-written their names. This was their idea...I wish I had done it from the beginning. As it is, it's been interesting to see how their printing/handwriting has changed.

Late in the afternoon, the girls' hair came out of curlers and then I put it up the way they wanted. Sophia wanted hers in a bun with little ringlets of curls by her neckline and by her face.

Sophia's Hair on Halloween
The back of Sophia's hair.

Olivia wanted to have her hair down so all the curls would show.

Olivia's Forest Fairy Wings
The back of Olivia's hair and her wings.

We went over to my mom and dad's home - about 50 miles away - for our annual Halloween meal and trick-or-treating.

My mom had prepared the traditional meal: tacos. It was something she worked on in the afternoon (chopping all the vegetables and grating cheese); and it was a meal that everyone enjoyed.

She also had a variety of desserts which was typical of my mom. One dessert was okay...but having many from which to choose was better so that there would be at least one thing that each person would like.

Once we were done eating, the girls and their cousins changed into costumes.

The Girls and their Cousins on Halloween
The girls with their cousins.
They are all dressed up and ready to head outside.

They went out trick-or-treating around my parents' neighborhood. For the girls, it's not so much about how much candy they collect, it's more about doing something fun with their cousins and one another.

Olivia in Her Halloween Costume
Olivia wearing her fall fairy costume.

After we were done, we came back to my parents' home to say "goodbye" and then head back home.

Sophia Happy to Be a Rose Princess
Sophia dressed up as a princess.

My parents were always so happy to see their grandchildren dressed up in costumes. I think it reminded them of the fun that my sister, brother, and I had when we were children and dressed up in costumes on Halloween.

Halloween has been a special family tradition...and one we look forward to each year.

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Domestically Seasoned said...

I used to play dress up with those same pink curlers. Cute costumes.

Carolyn Dube said...

What a great Halloween story- I can feel the love in this!

Heidi said...

I love the girls' costumes! Great pics! I always enjoy Halloween with my girls.

Natasha Dythia said...

Oh how sweet! Very nice costumes

Elisebet Freeburg said...

The handprints are a great idea! And my mom used to put those pink rollers in my hair too!

What I Want My Kids To Know said...

Love the before and after pictures of them getting ready. That is the fun part for a girl when dressing up!!