Sunday, October 28, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Ray Stitch - Week 43

As with last week's Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge, the stitch proposed this week - the Buttonhole Wheel Cup - is one I know I wouldn't use in embroidery projects I do.

So, I looked on the internet for another embroidery stitch that I would like. I found one called the Ray Stitch which was an easy and enjoyable stitch to do. It also is called the fan stitch...both which are appropriate names given the look of the stitch.

The sampler I did before taking it out 
of the embroidery hoop.

There are eight straight-stitches that make up the ray stitch. It's the type of stitch that fills up a space well.

Close up of the ray or fan stitch.

I put the sampler into my journal along with a personal reflection, list of items for which I'm grateful, the name of the stitch, and some images that represented the week.

The bottom image on the left hand side is a sculpture of a trio of owls. It reminded me of going to the Warner Nature Center and seeing the screech owl up close.

There also are some holiday stamps to remind me of the craft shows that Sophia, Olivia, and I went to on the weekend. We enjoy going to them because it is inspiring to see the variety of work that people do. There's such a diversity in style and products offered...and it is kind of a "kick-off" to the holiday season for us.

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