Friday, September 14, 2012

Window Stars - My Favorite Quick Craft

When I need to decorate for the holidays, one of my favorite things to do is create a variety of stars that can be put on the windows.

4 Autumn Stars

The paper is translucent, so when the shines the pattern is revealed.

Closeup of Brown Star

Some of the stars are easy to make with only 4 folds per point while others are significantly more complex with 24 folds per point.

Window Stars for Autumn

The fewest number of points are 5 and the highest number is some stars only have under 25 folds while others can have well over 200 folds.

Window Stars for Thanksgiving

With autumn here, these are some of the stars that I have made through the years to decorate the windows.

Thanksgiving Window Stars

Do you have a favorite craft that you enjoy doing that celebrates the seasons or holidays?

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Hobbies on a Budget said...

These are beautiful! Amazing! Love them!

Annette said...

I haven't made one of these in such a long time. Thanks for the inspiration!

Shayla Burks said...

these are so neat! i'm going to have to have my daughter make some on our next day home :)

Garden Tenders/Kim said...

Those look wonderful! What a fun and beautiful way to decorate!

Anonymous said...

These are such beautiful stars! Window stars are one of our household's favourite crafts... Although ours are not so elaborate! Have you ever considered doing a series of tutorials on Etsy for people to buy? Or making an e-book? I am sure it would be a success!