Friday, September 7, 2012

30 Days of Lists - Days 2-7

This month I am participating in the 30 Days of Lists. This semi-annual event involves people throughout the world who create little booklets with 30 lists. The variety of layouts and answers for each of the prompts is inspiring and intriguing.

I already posted the cover of the booklet and the first day's prompt (I am Lister Because...) here. So, below I'm including the lists I did for days 2-7.

30 Days of Lists - Day 2 - Goals for this Month
Day 2: Goals for this month.

For the Goals for this month list, I wrote:
=> Go to Lake Itasca and show Sophia and Olivia where the Mississippi River starts.
=> Find some Amish cookbooks at the library and make some of the recipes.
=> Do the goals I set for 100 Days to a Better Me.
=> Remove and burn all giant ragweed.
=> Split wood from trees that need to come down.
=> Begin working on Christmas gifts.
=> Go through Dad's homilies and put in order. Get them printed.
=> Start creating memory boxes that will be given after Thanksgiving.
=> Get all sold out items renewed in my shop.

30 Days of Lists - Day 3
Day 3: My friends/family would describe me as...

For the My friends/family would describe me as... list, I wrote:
=> A dedicated mom.
=> Teacher.
=> Caring.
=> Compassionate.
=> Creative.
=> Encourager.
=> Introverted.
=> Devoted to my parents.
=> Comforter.

When I Need a Time Out - 30 Days of Lists - Day 4
Day 4: When I Need a Time Out

For the When I Need a Time Out list, I wrote:
=> I watch the birds.
=> I need some time alone.
=> I look outside at the trees and sky.
=> I take a bath.
=> I read.

Reasons to Start Preparing for the Holidays - 30 Days of Lists - Day 5
Day 5: Reasons to Start Preparing for the Holidays

For the Reasons to Start Preparing for the Holidays list, I wrote:
=> to make some new ornaments.
=> to create meaningful gifts.
=> the legacy/memory gifts about Dad are going to take time to create.
=> to spread out doing fun things over a longer period of time.
=> I'll be more relaxed if I can do some things ahead of the holidays.

The quotes I integrated into the list:

=> No one has ever become poor by giving. (Anne Frank)
=> Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege. (John D. Rockefeller, Jr.)
=> Scatter joy. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Reasons to Stop Drinking Pop - 30 Days of Lists - Day 6
Day 6: Reasons to Quit Drinking Pop

For the Reasons to Quit Drinking Pop list, I wrote:
=> Water is better for my body.
=> It will save money.
=> My body needs water. It doesn't need pop.
=> The money saved can be spent on other more important items and paying down debt.
=> My teeth will stay healthier longer.

Midnight Snacks - 30 Days of Lists - Day 7
Day 7: Midnight Snacks

For the Midnight Snacks list, I wrote:

If I am actually up at that hour and am hungry...
=> cookies or bars
=> hot chocolate with marshmallows
=> snack mix with almonds, peanuts, raisins, and m&ms.

A healthier snack would be...
=> carrot slices
=> celery sticks filled with peanut butter
=> some homemade applesauce
=> a piece of fruit
=> popcorn

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Rita said...

What a cute booklet of lists! You come up with the darndest things to do. ;)