Sunday, September 9, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Video of Journal/Combination of Stitches - Week 36

The 36th week for Take a Stitch Tuesday is a catch-up week for participants. I was caught up, so the challenge was to use 3-6 stitches in an embroidered piece.

So, I used the half-chevron, butterfly chain, running, and blanket stitches; and created this:

I put the sampler along with a personal reflection, gratitude list, and some images that represented the past week in my TAST Embroidery Journal.

In case you're wondering what the journal looks like so far, it is in two composition books. The first one goes from January 1st-July 2nd. Although there were blank pages at the end, the book no longer could close due to the thickness of the collaged items and samplers.

Here is a video of what my journal looks like from January 1st-April 20th:

This is the second part of the first book - from April 21st-July 2nd:
I started a new TAST Embroidery Journal in another composition book. Below is a video of the book from July 3rd-September 9th:


Rita said...

Nice! What a treasure. I didn't realize you were using composition notebooks. Cool! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing the video of your journals. Such beautiful creative work and a wonderful keepsake from 2012.