Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cucumber-Lemon Water

One of the goals I have as part of 100 Days to a Better me challenge is to cut my pop consumption in half. Since September 1st, I have drank only one can of Diet Pepsi/Diet Coke per day (down from 2 cans per day since January, and 3-4 cans per day prior to 2012).

For some reason, I have been drinking quite a bit of water over the past few days, so I wanted to try experimenting with flavored waters again just to have some variety in what I drink.

Cucumber-Lemon Water that I made.

I found a recipe for cucumber-lemon-mint water pinned here, and originally from here. The note under the pin said to use:

=>  2 liters of water
=>  1 medium cucumber
=>  1 lemon
=>  10-12 mint leaves (I didn't include these because I forgot to get them at the grocery store)

The flavored water should steep overnight in the refrigerator.

It said it was great for weight loss as well as general detox - including clear skin. I can't verify those claims...though I know drinking water is good for people for many reasons. Simply by "googling" the words "benefits of drinking water" there are many links to reasons why people should drink more water.

The Cucumber-Lemon Water is a delicious alternative to plain water; and I'm drinking more water because I like the taste of this fruit-vegetable combination. Another flavored water I've tried and enjoyed is Cucumber-Basil-Ginger Water.

Do you have any homemade flavored waters that you enjoy making and drinking?



Eco Baby Mama Drama said...

This is a great idea! Mint gives me a headache so I would leave it out all the time however i never thought about adding cucumber. I cut out ALL coke/soda/pop so water is my go to and I am always looking for new ideas, thanks!

Margaux at YoungNesters said...

Wow so easy! We did some fruit infused water for my son's birthday as an alternative to soda and juice. I've never made it just to have around the house for us though. This sounds really refreshing so I might have to give it a try :)

I hope you'll come link up your recipe tomorrow at Snacktime Saturday link party on my page!

Silent Springs said...

I have had a similar version of this before. So refreshing on a summer day!

Kassie Groll said...

My mother in law always drinks flavored water, usually just lemon. I'm more fond of the cucumber than the lemon so this may be a nice combo for when we have get togethers with hall of us.

Just Add Cloth said...

I drank a ton of this while pregnant. I added ginger for the nausea. Yum!

Sarah @ made in usa challenge said...

I've been trying to drink more water, and I think this might be the thing to get me to stick to it. I love a little squirt of lemon, your recipe sounds even better!

crunchyfarmbaby said...

I love cucumber water, especially when it's really hot outside! Thanks for linking up on Snacktime Saturday!