Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sandwiches on a Stick

I've been looking for some healthy snacks and meals this month, and came across something called "Sticky Stacky Sandwiches" that's at Super Healthy Kids.

 Sandwich on a Stick.
(Taken on September 11, 2012.)

What's on each skewer? A variety of ingredients including:
=> Bread (whole wheat bread would be healthier than white bread)
=> Cheese (Note: The picture on Super Healthy Kids had the cheese cut in cute shapes with cookie cutters. When we tried to do this, the cheese crumbled apart or got stuck in the cutters. Opted for cheese squares instead.)
=> Lettuce
=> Tomato
=> Lunch Meat
=> Pickle

Ideally, you should include a protein. If you're using lunch meat, check the sodium content or use meat that you prepare at home and cut into cubes or slices.

Olivia holding a Sandwich on a Stick.

Alternatives to meat include peanut butter or nut butters; or a bean spread like hummus.

Make sure you include vegetables. A separate skewer with fruit would be a nice complement to the Sandwiches on a Stick.

You could spread the nut butter onto fruit or vegetables (e.g., celery with peanut butter; apple slice with almond butter).

Depending on who made the Sandwich on a Stick,
some of the items were placed close together while
others spread far apart so the taste 
wouldn't affect the item next to it.

These could be put in a lunch box or used as a centerpiece if children are at home. For a centerpiece, place the skewers in a piece of fruit or a flower pot filled with green florist foam.

To see the original pin, click HERE.



crunchyfarmbaby said...

How cool!! I love that it's fun without the "hey look - my kid's lunch looks like a hedgehog so I'm a better mom than you!" thing.... :) haha... Thanks for linking up to Snacktime Saturday!

Margaux at YoungNesters said...

Thanks for stopping by and linking up to Snacktime Saturday. This is such a clever idea to get the picky eaters more interested in their food. A great way to teach younger kids to identify each ingredient as well!