Saturday, September 22, 2012

P52 Photo Challenge - Birds/Flying - Week 38

This week's theme for the P52 Photo Challenge is Birds/Flying. I liked the theme this week because bird watching is something that I enjoy doing each day.

We have 11 feeders at the farm. The majority are hanging in the trees. However, there is one large feeder on a table by the family room window that has both vertical and platform seed feeders as well as a suet feeder; and another platform feeder on the mudroom roof which is next a window where we do homeschooling for the majority of the day.

There have been quite a few birds at the feeders and bird bath recently. Some are migratory birds that are heading south for the winter, while others are year-round birds who stay and brave the cold, Minnesota winters.

Red-bellied woodpecker that enjoyed drinking
from the hummingbird feeder.
He stayed at the feeder for a long time. 
It was a surprise - and joy - to find him there.

We still have the hummingbird feeder up in the pine tree in the backyard. It will stay there until the nights get too cold to keep the sucrose mixture in liquid form. At that time, I'm hoping that all the hummingbirds are in much warmer locations.

Until then, the hummingbirds are sharing their feeder with butterflies and much larger birds who seem to enjoy the extra energy the sucrose mixture gives them on these cool autumn days.

Project 52 - p52 weekly photo challenge with Kent Weakley

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Danielle said...

Awesome! We were able to watch a Red Bellied Woodpecker grow up this year. It was a little thing when it first started coming to our feeder on our porch. Such pretty birds!
Danielle from {Mama Dani's Musings}