Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Write to Santa Claus + Making Wishes Come True - Countdown to Christmas - Day 7

Sophia and Olivia each wrote a letter to Santa Claus this year. A copy of the letters were sent to one of the local papers which publishes some of the letters they receive each year.

Olivia writing a letter to Santa.

From a homeschooling perspective, writing a letter to Santa Claus is a fun way to express oneself through the written word. The girls learned about the components of a letter (e.g., date, salutation, body, closing, signature); and wrote or dictated a rough draft of their letter before writing the final version.

We looked up Santa's address on the internet; and addressed the envelope. It was mailed and on its way to the North Pole.

In looking for Santa's address, I came across Operation Santa through the U.S. postal service in which organizations or individuals can adopt a letter and make a child's wish come true. Not all post offices participate in the program, so you have to take a look at which post offices that are participating in the 2011 program.

For individuals wanting to adopt a letter, there's a simple form you need to complete and bring to your post office with an ID or driver's license. You may select up to ten letters.

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Rita said...

Excellent! I wonder how many children actually write out a good and proper letter to Santa with the proper components. :)