Saturday, December 17, 2011

Participate in a Christmas Play - Countdown to Christmas - Day 17

Yesterday evening and this afternoon, Sophia and Olivia participated in "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" written by Barbara Robinson. The play was adapted and directed by Neil and Ellen Johnson of the St. Croix ArtBarn.

There were 20 children who were in the play, and they all did a wonderful job. There were many funny parts in the play; and the kids had the audience laughing at both performances.

They sang many songs throughout the play - some were familiar tunes that are heard around the holidays while others were unique to the play.

Although practicing for the play required a lot of time - initially once a week, then it increased to practices twice a week, and then went up to three times a week during the last week leading up to the play - it was well worth it. Asked if they want to do another play, both Sophia and Olivia said in unison "YES!" 

Now that the two play performances are done, the girls just have Sunday to get through: two choir performances at church in the morning, two harp performances (for Sophia) also at church, and a piano recital at a nursing home in the afternoon. 

Both said they would like to rest a bit after the piano recital...there's no question that they will have earned a rest after all their hard work!

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Rita said...

Nothing like a performance that can make people smile and laugh and want to sing along. One more day and they can really rest for a while. Well deserved. :)