Sunday, December 25, 2011

Celebrate Christmas - Countdown to Christmas - Day 25

Bright and early, Olivia woke up about 5:15 a.m. and was eager to celebrate Christmas. "You know, I've been up for a couple of hours and was just waiting to get up," she said. 

Olivia went downstairs and looked at the glass table with the Christmas socks on them.

Sophia's and Olivia's stockings.

She wanted to make sure Santa left treats for the dogs, cats, and horses. 

Filled stockings for the pets and horses on top of the piano.
If they were any lower,
Montague would eat them all in minutes.

Then it was time for her to open the gifts in her stockings.

Shadow watching Olivia open gifts.

She went back to bed to rest for a bit more until Sophia got up around 7:30 a.m. Sophia opened the gifts in her stocking.

Gretel wondering what Sophia is holding
(it's a glass straw).

We checked out the table where the cookies, water, and notes for Santa were; and where everything was for Flossie, the Tooth Fairy.

Looks like there was quite a party during the night.
Lucy is checking out the note that Santa left.

We read the notes that Santa left for each of the girls.

Above and below: Notes from Santa placed over
the ones that the girls wrote to Santa.

We gave the pets and horses some special treats before heading to my mom's/Nana's home. 

After eating a light breakfast (delicious cinnamon rolls and caramel rolls that Mary brought from Breadsmith), we opened the stocking that mom/Nana had filled. 

Sophia and Olivia opening the gifts in their socks
with my brother and part of his family.

We opened gifts in the living room.

My mom/Nana opening one of the gifts we gave her.
This is a very warm sherpa blanket
that she can use when she naps in the afternoon.

My brother (Jim), his daughter (Ashley), and I visited my dad at St. Therese.

From left to right: Me, Dad, Ashley, and Jim.

Although we brought some gifts for him, we had to describe them to him because his eyes were closed the entire time. He alternated between listening and sometimes responding with a word; and other times sleeping. 

Placemat that Sophia made for Papa.
She picked lots of images of cardinals since
cardinals are one of his favorite birds.

We had dinner and dessert at mom's/Nana's home.

The cousins enjoying a meal together.

Then we came home and rested a bit.

Sophia opening a gift from Roseanne.
She's excited to have checkers with
the traditional red and black pieces
instead of images of
Disney princesses which she's had for years.

We opened gifts, and then called it a day.

Olivia picked this hat out earlier in the month.
It actually fits, but she couldn't get it on
with her hair up in a bun.
She likes it because it's warm and fuzzy.

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Rita said...

What a wonderful day! I love that Santa leaves them notes. :)