Monday, December 5, 2011

Watch a Movie and Prepare for St. Nick - Countdown to Christmas - Day 5

The fifth day in the Countdown to Christmas focused on relaxing after a long day of homeschooling and going to the homeschool co-op where both girls take piano lessons; Sophia has sewing and cooking classes; and Olivia has American Sign Language and music fundamental classes. 

After we ate dinner, they chose a movie they wanted to watch: Happy Feet. Although it isn't a holiday movie like I thought they would pick, it was one they enjoyed.

Advent Day 5 - Watch Movie and Have Popcorn

I made some kettle corn and each of us had a little bowl of popcorn to eat while we were watching the movie.
Bowl of Popcorn

Earlier in the day, while the girls were at the co-op, I brought meals to my mom that I had made over the weekend. There were about 22 dinners (depending on how much she eats), 14 breakfasts, and 10 desserts.

Needless to say, she was very happy that she doesn't have to cook or bake - she can simply heat up her meals. With very little vision in both eyes combined with going through a host of grief and loss issues (my dad was transitioned to a nursing home on October 3rd, and this will be the first Christmas in which he won't be at home to celebrate it), she has little desire to make food.

She said that the meals I brought should last a month - combined with what she has on hand.
Mom and Dad on 12-5

After delivering the food and a pointsettia to my mom, I took her to see my dad at the nursing home. I got another pointsettia so she could give one to him plus I also gave him a little stuffed snowman.
Advent - Day 5 - Set up for St. Nick

Right before bed, the girls and I each put out a shoe or boot for St. Nick to fill during the night. I read them a Christmas book before going to bed.

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Rita said...

Oh Gosh! What a relief for your mom! You were so sweet to do that for her in this difficult time. That is the kind of thing people don't often think to do. It's such a simple thing and so appreciated.

I wouldn't think of Happy Feet as a Christmas Movie, but it does have a lot of snow/winter and it is a cute movie so I can see why they'd pick it.

Have a great weekend! :)