Friday, December 2, 2011

Game Night - Countdown to Christmas - Day 2

For the second day on the Countdown to Christmas, the girls checked to see where Santa is at by visiting the website .

Advent - Day 2 - Check Where Santa Is and Play Games

On the website, there is a new game each day that is introduced. The girls played two games each (one for each in December).

Although my intention for having "game night" be more along the lines of board or card games that each would pick, this was something they wanted to do and enjoyed playing since they don't normally play computer games. 

Perhaps another day or evening during December, we will play some of the games that are our favorites...or ones we haven't played in a long time.

In the evening, we read a Christmas book that Olivia picked out.

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Rita said...

Goodness! Times have changed so much since my son was young when there were no personal computers and you had to go to the arcade to play PacMan--LOL! I should have known Santa would be online, too. Just hadn't crossed my mind. :):)