Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Enjoy a Chocolate Christmas Breakfast - Countdown to Christmas - Day 13

Today we made homemade donuts using a baking pan that we purchased from King Arthur Flour in Vermont. Rather than deep-frying donuts, this pan bakes eight mini-donuts at a time.

Olivia decorating her mini-donuts.

The girls enjoyed frosting the donuts with chocolate and vanilla frosting, and adding sprinkles. Some sprinkles didn't have any flavor while other ones were flavored with peppermint.

Sophia frosting her donuts with vanilla frosting.

We each had a cup of hot chocolate. Whipped cream and sprinkles were available...which were special toppings. 

Hot chocolate with whipped cream.

In the evening, we'll continue reading Christmas books. Although we haven't been doing this each night like we had hoped, we have read 8 books so far this month. Most likely by the 25th, we'll have read at least 25 Christmas books.  There are many favorite ones that we enjoy reading each year that we haven't yet read.

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Rita said...

Beaked donuts sounds much healthier. And who doesn't love hot chocolate. Nice! :)