Friday, December 16, 2011

Celebrate Las Posadas - Countdown to Christmas - Day 16

Today we were going to celebrate Las Posadas. However, it ended up being a non-event.  Normally, we read a book about Las Posadas and make a Mexican dinner.

I even had the special beverages made in Mexico as well as an avacado for fresh guacamole...which we were looking forward to making and eating. 

This year, the girls both were performing in a Christmas play at church in the evening. In addition to homeschooling in the morning; Olivia's time at the local elementary school for work on reading and speech; and getting ready for the play...there wasn't much time to spend with this holiday. It's okay...there will be next year.

We didn't read the book about Las Posadas like we normally do. (Although it probably will be one of the books we read before Christmas.) Sophia and I made black bean burritos during the day, but we decided that the burritos probably weren't the "safest" food to eat before the first performance.

There were jittery stomachs and the girls chose to eat a lighter dinner (e.g., homemade cinnamon rolls, crackers).

So, the black bean burritos will be enjoyed another day...once things are a bit more calm and relaxed. The burritos might even be frozen so we can have a good meal after the holidays have passed.

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