Monday, November 14, 2011

Rainbow Stars as a Work in Progress - Art Every Day Month - Day 14

Today I worked on some rainbow window stars for a few customers. This is what the points looked like before I made them into stars.

The points for four rainbow stars
are jumbled together here.

In the picture above, the large points are for one star and in one pattern (ten folds per point); and the remainder of the points are in another pattern (four folds per point) and represent three different stars in two different sizes.

What is consistent with all the stars, is the vibrant, translucent paper that is used. When light shines through the paper, it illuminates it and reveals the pattern in the points and star itself.

This is a bit different than origami in that with origami no glue is used. When I make the window stars, I do use glue to secure the folds within each point, and then again when I affix each point to one another.

In case you're wondering...normally I don't mix together all the points in such a chaotic way. I was curious to see what they would look like in a random pattern on the light box.


Kelly @ The Homeschool Co-op said...

Thanks for sharing a bit about how you make your amazing stars. They are incredibly beautiful. I've been enjoying your art every day posts, and all of your stars and their variety.

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

you show more patience in one day that I do in a whole year... at least I know who got my share!!! I love these xx