Saturday, November 5, 2011

Embroidered State Quilt - Art Every Day Month - Day 5

About a year ago, I began working on a quilt that would feature blocks that I made that featured Minnesota's state outline, bird, tree, and so forth. These hand-embroidered blocks would be combined with other ones from people around the world. I was sending and receiving the blocks through an on-going swap on Swap-Bot.

However, after four months, I stopped participating in the swap because the same people were swapping and I received the same quilt block by a person participating in the swap. It defeated the purpose trying to create a quilt with all different images.

So, I changed the focus of the quilt to be one that focused solely on the state I live in: Minnesota. While I was doing the swap, I made two images of each quilt block - one I finished and sent to someone else in a different part of the United States or world. The other one I simply ironed on the fabric pieces, but never embroidered.

The blocks have been sitting in my bag of projects to do. Art Every Day Month now is giving me a reason to finish the blocks I have begun and start new ones so I can complete the quilt.

The block I did this morning represents Minnesota's state tree: the Norway Pine.

Three hand-embroidered and appliqued trees
to represent Minnesota's state tree: the Norway Pine.

All the fabric I used for this block as well as the other three that I've partly done so far use fabric that  I have on hand. My goal is to use only fabric that I have rather than purchasing new fabric. As I was taught by my mom and dad..."Make Do With What You Have."

All the fabric is cotton, and the floss is 100% cotton. The batting also will be 100% cotton, so it will be an all-natural, very soft quilt by the time it is done.

So, over the next 25 days, I hope to complete the rest of the hand-embroidered blocks, sew them together, and finish the quilt. To have a warm quilt going into the winter will be something we all can use and enjoy here.


Joni Nickrent said...

Very nice work...admire stitching and handwork!

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

I LOVE trees so MUCH!! You're making me want to pick up needle and thread again!!! Happy Day #5! HuGGs!