Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Making Lots of Window Stars - Art Every Day Month - Day 8

For the past couple days I've been busy making a variety of window stars. Had lots of orders come in over the weekend which is nice.

The ones I'm showing today aren't ones I'm keeping, they are ones that I am making for others to enjoy in their homes. (I took the pictures of these stars at other times, but the ones I'm making are just like the ones shown.)

4 White Snowflake Stars for Winter and Christmas Decorations
Three different people ordered this set of stars.
It's like having snowflakes all over the table
as I create them.

When my daughters were younger, they asked me at different times if it was hard to make something that I liked and then have to send it to someone else and never see it again. Sometimes they were referring to the window stars I make, and other times the items I would hand-embroider or needlefelt.

Some of the items I sold through Etsy, other times they were sent through swaps on Swap-Bot, and other times simply made as gifts with no expectation of anything in return.

Blue and Green Closeup
Close up of the blue and green window star.

I told them that it is about the happiness I get from being able to craft...to create...and then to share.

It's important to be able to let go...that things you create aren't always meant to be kept to yourself.

Red 10 Pointed Christmas Window Star -
Red window star with ten points.

I can tell people are thinking about the upcoming holidays and change of seasons by the window stars they choose.

Trio of Christmas Window Stars
The sunburst, 5-pointed star, and snowflake designs
are all ones I have been working on yesterday
and this morning.

It reminds me of the handmade gifts I still would like to make to give to others next month. Perhaps next week I will begin working on those projects. Right now, I'm enjoying making window stars!


Gwen Hughes said...

They really are very pretty!
Gwen xx

Judy Hartman said...

These stars are absolutely gorgeous!

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

These really are just so beautiful and I think that people will love having their windows full of these... it is such a talent to create such loveliness from a humble piece of paper xx

Sandy Coleman said...

Amazingly beautiful!