Friday, November 4, 2011

Floral Mandala - Art Every Day Month - Day 4

This morning I colored a floral mandala that was in Coloring Mandalas by Susanne F. Fincher.

I've had this book since May 2008 and have colored half of the mandalas in the book. Normally, I have been going in the order that the book - from front to back cover.

This morning, however, I didn't feel like working on the mandala that I began last week. It was focused on good/evil and the images within the mandala weren't particularly appealing or ones I wanted to have in my mind as I went through the day.

I flipped through the book and came across one that I thought would be a nice image to have in my mind this morning and carry throughout the day. Taking out my Prismacolor Colored Pencils, I chose the colors with which I wanted to work.

Ended up gravitating towards using all of the colors of the rainbow again. Either this is a safe color combination for me...or just what I feel particularly drawn to...I'm not sure.

Rainbow Mandala
One of the favorite mandalas I colored in 2008.
It was the start of the rainbow-colored mandalas.

Rather than start with red in the center - or foundation of the mandala - like I typically do, I started with purple. Purple, for me, represents home and family. It was my favorite color when I was younger and my entire room was done in shades of purple.

Today, my father is getting released from the hospital and is being brought back to the care center...his new home due to his advanced stage of Alzheimer's Disease. Sophia, Olivia, my mom, and I will welcome him back to his new home and help him get settled.

As I look at how the mandala emerged today with the reverse in colors (purple in the center to red on the outside), to me the predominant color is green. There are four different shades of green used. Green represents new life. And a renewed sense of hope.

With that in mind...I enter the day and hope for a smooth transition and welcome back for my dad.


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Soothing colour combination. Very calm and centred.
Wishing your dad a smooth transition into his new home.

rajns (carolyn) said...

I the vibrant colors! The more the merrier. Hope all goes smoothly getting your father settled in.

Judy Hartman said...

I hope that everything went well for your father and your family. I find the colors in the top mandala soothing and mellow. The bottom one really resonates with me - such rich jewel tones!

The Handmaden said...

Wow, I really love the one you did in 2008! I hope all goes well with your Dad and his resettling.