Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Embroidered State Muffin - Art Every Day Month - Day 23

This is the tenth embroidered and appliqued square for the Minnesota state quilt that I'm making this month as part of Art Every Day Month.

Minnesota has a state muffin: the blueberry muffin. Not sure if other states have a muffin representative of their state, but Minnesota does thanks to students who wanted to learn more about the government and how laws are passed.

According to this website, "Third-Graders from Carlton, Minnesota proved they could have a law passed. In 1988, their bill, along with 314 others, were signed into law. The idea for blueberry muffins to be the state muffin grew in a Social Studies class. The kids asked themselves this question during class, 'If there was a Minnesota state food what would it be?' The kids thought of blueberry muffins.

Wild blueberries are native to northeastern Minnesota, growing in bogs, on hillsides, and in cut-over forested areas. Cultivated blueberries are grown on farms throughout the state. Each year, Sophia, Olivia, and I enjoy picking blueberries from a berry patch.

We make a variety of food with the fresh berries, make blueberry jam (every other year), and freeze the rest of the blueberries to enjoy during the winter.

For this quilt square, I used the blanket-stitch, a modified blanket-stitch, straight stitch, backstitch, and an edging stitch. All the fabric and floss is cotton.

Now with this square completed, I only have two left. Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, my creativity needs to be focused on the kitchen and preparing food for 16 people; and finishing decorating the home.

After Thursday, my goal is to complete the remaining two squares, and then begin sewing the quilt squares together. Hopefully, the quilt will be finished by the 30th!

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Julie said...

I love blueberries. And I love quilts, this is such a lovely square.