Sunday, November 6, 2011

Embroidered Quilt Squares - Art Every Day Month - Day 6

I am continuing to work on the state quilt that I started to hand-embroider yesterday. Today I did two more quilt squares - Minnesota's state flower (Lady's Slipper) and the state outline.

Lady's Slipper Quilt Block.

In Minnesota, it is illegal to uproot or cut a lady's slipper. Despite being the state flower, the lady's slipper is not a commonly-seen flower.

According to the DNR, "In its first year, this orchid grows only as tall as a pencil point. Each year, the lady's slipper may produce a half-million seeds, which are as fine as flour dust. This flower has a long life span; some may be 100 years old."

The other quilt block I worked on was the outline of the state of Minnesota.

Minnesota Outline Quilt Block.

According to the Minnesota Guide, in spite of the fact that most of its boundaries follow watercourses, Minnesota's shape is fairly rectangular.  It is 406 miles long from north to south; and although 357 miles from east to west along the northern border its average width is only 240 miles.

Now I have three of the quilt blocks hand-embroidered.

Trio of Quilt Blocks Completed So Far.

My next step is to create more designs that represent other Minnesota facts (e.g., state butterfly/insect, state mushroom).

In the process, I can learn more about the state I live in; and share this information with Sophia and Olivia who will be studying about Minnesota more in depth in the spring as part of their homeschooling.


Gwen Hughes said...

Love your quilts. The Ladies Slipper is so delicate, that one is my favourite.

tracy said...

I was born and raised in NH (now live in NW OH) and there too you can find Lady Slippers. I love them!

I can't wait to learn about MN through your quilting! What a neat idea!!

Warmly, Tracy

Joni Nickrent said...

Quite an awesome piece of art!

Carola Bartz said...

Such a beautiful quilt - I love the state idea!