Friday, November 4, 2011

30 Days of Giving Thanks - Day 4 - So Many People...Where Do I Start?

Today I realized that I thanked a lot of people. Not everyone...sometimes I forgot to say "thank you" when I should have shown my appreciation. But, generally, I tried to remember to thank people today.

Something I did differently today was try to thank people by name (for employees who wore name tags I would look at them to see their names)...

==> Ruth and Jim...the drivers who transported my dad back to the nursing home on a stretcher in an ambulance.

==> Lana...the nurse who remembered and enjoyed taking care of my dad at the nursing home before he had to go the hospital on October 23rd. She enthusiastically welcomed him back to the nursing home and made him feel welcome there.

==> Mom...for letting me use her car during the past two weeks so I could have a vehicle to use to visit my dad and her while they were both in the hospital (two different ones for two different medical issues). My car has almost 198,000 miles on it now, so not adding almost-daily 80-100 mile round-trip visits will certainly help keep the car just a bit longer.

==> Sophia...for patiently feeding Papa his first meal back at the nursing home. He's having trouble feeding himself now due to being heavily medicated, so her help ensured he had some food to nourish himself.

==> Olivia...for keeping Papa entertained with his stuffed fox/corgi while the nurses tried to take his vitals and blood pressure. She also helped me fill his bird feeder so he can watch the birds.

==> Sr. Ruth Ann...for listening to me share what has happened over the past two weeks - the challenges, stress, and difficulties facing my parents and family; and for offering to spend time with my father this afternoon as he transitions back to living in a nursing home.

So many more people helped the day go smoothly and make it one where my father felt welcomed, cared for, and loved. It made me realize again how truly special and caring he is; and the impact he has made on this world.

After a long and emotionally-exhausting day, I'm ready to rest.  At least I can do that knowing that there are compassionate people in this world who aim to help make the world a bit easier for those who are struggling which whatever challenges they are facing in their lives.


Shannon said...

Sending positive energy to you and your family. How wonderful that you really took the time to thank each person today - and to stop - to make eye contact and to be sure to speak to each person by name. This simple act of thanks is a great reminder in what happens when we live more in the present moment. You also reminded me that I never thanked the nurse that helped me through my c-section. I always "meant" to but never got around to it. I will be doing that for sure. I hope you get lots of rest this weekend.

What Remains Now said...

What a difficult time you're going through. Just sending you my best wishes.