Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Minnesota's State Fish Embroidered - Art Every Day Month - Day 22

This is the ninth embroidered square for the Minnesota state quilt that I've been making during November. (Only three more left to go.)

For this square, I found an image of a walleye (Minnesota's state fish) that was in a coloring book produced by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

I debated between doing the image in applique or simply do the outline in the backstitch. I chose the latter since I thought it would be good to have more than one embroidered square (the only other square so far that I have done in embroidery only - with no applique - is the milk carton and glass of milk).

This, by far, was the most labor-intensive square for this quilt. Even though I only used one stitch (backstitch) for the design, the number of stitches, changes of floss color (threading and re-threading the needle; having to do many knots with each color change), added to the time.

So, despite the simplicity of the design, I was suprised at how many hours it took to complete it.  I ended up working on this square over a two-day period (Day 21 and 22) of the Art Every Day Month challenge. 

I think I'll choose something easy to stitch next time - maybe the blueberry muffin. (Minnesota's state muffin. Who knew that there was a state muffin? I didn't...until I started working on this quilt.)


Crafty Cristy said...

I love this series you are doing about your state quilt!

Lia Edwards said...

Gosh, this looks like it was hard work. Bet the quilt will look fab when it's done. What a great idea for AEDM.

rajns (carolyn) said...

It may have taken hours, but it looks amazing!