Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 Days of Giving Thanks - Day 2 - An Artist Who Helped Me Remember

On the second day of the Thirty Days of Giving Thanks challenge, I thanked an artist who is participating in Art Every Day Month.

She created a beautiful representation of lantana (a type of flower/plant). Apparently, where she lives lantana is a weed. (If only the weeds here had such colorful flowers.)

Lantana that I saw in Connecticut.

Her work used such vivid, gorgeous colors and so accurately captured the beauty of the flowers. Seeing her lovely illustration of lantana brought back some wonderful memories of seeing the plant for the first time in September.

It also brought me back to the very moment when the girls and I were walking around the state park that had a butterfly garden in it. The lantana plants were right in the middle of the garden.

Sophia, Olivia, and I went on a nature walk and saw the first signs of autumn - leaves that were changing colors. It was such a nice way to start out the trip that was very memorable.

Leaves in a pond on a nature walk in Connecticut.
(September 2011)

Today's thank you was to an artist who shared her work with others...and who helped bring back some great memories!

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Shannon said...

How special. SO wonderful to have inspirational artist's in our lives. And I'm sure she so appreciated hearing from you.