Thursday, July 29, 2021

Photos from Grand Marais

Last week, Olivia and I attended a workshop with Layne Kennedy through North House Folk School. On the last day of class, we shared 11 photos that we took during the trip. Below are my 11 photos. 

Sailboat coming into Grand Marais harbor.


A father loading a canoe for his family into West Bearskin Lake.

Cascade Falls.

Olivia with one of the Norwegian Fjord Horses at a farm on the Gunflint Trail.

Rose at a photoshoot in a 1980s prom outfit.

High Falls at Grand Portage State Park.

Olivia walking along the Lake Superior shore near the Kadunce River.

Wooden dishes at Grand Portage National Monument.

Steve walking along the cobblestone beach at the Grand Marais Campground.

Girls jumping into Lake Superior on a very hot day.

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Rita said...

Love Grand Marais! Always had to go to Sven and Ole's Pizza! I'd have the chicken and wild rice pizza--LOL! Lovely photos! :)