Sunday, May 25, 2014

Something That Makes Me Smile - P52 and 52 Week Photo Challenge 2014 - Week 21

As I looked back on pictures that I took during the past week, one that made me smile was of Sophia and Olivia with three of the seniors that we took for a Stroll & Roll activity at the nursing home.

Sophia and Olivia with three seniors who we always enjoy seeing 
when we visit the nursing home. 
We make a point of trying to see them each time we are there.

On Friday, we visited the nursing home to take some of the seniors out on the fitness trail. There's a paved path that leads from the nursing home, past the fitness center, and in front of the clinic and hospital.

The pathway was created last fall, and some preliminary landscape features added (e.g., trees, dirt mounds, rocks). This spring they added concrete pads for benches and exercise equipment. Hopefully soon these features will be added.

There were three seniors in wheelchairs and two seniors who walked the half-mile trail. Four of the five seniors had never seen the trail. For all of them it was a mood-lifter to be outdoors and feel the sunshine and breeze; and see the sea of dandelions over the vividly-green grass. When we returned, we enjoyed juice or water and talked for a bit.

We talked about doing the Stroll & Roll regularly during the summer so that these seniors and others who enjoy being outdoors can get away - even if it's for an hour - from the nursing home.

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