Saturday, March 15, 2014

Shadow - LEGO Quest #11

For the 11th week of the LEGO Quest, the theme is "Shadow." The goal i s to build something, or a number of things, that you think would cast a great shadow.

Take your creation to a sunny spot, inside or outside on a sunny day. Observe the shadow it casts. Move it around until it makes the shadow you like best. Notice how the shadow changes when it is cast on a wall, compared to the sidewalk, compared to the texture of a tree trunk. Where do you like the shadow best?

With that in mind, Olivia created a building with trees that would cast a shadow onto the lawn.

She worked on creating activity within the building as well as outside with the butterflies in the trees.

Inside, the girls had a basket of goodies.

Olivia also brought some LEGO flowers indoors for the girls to enjoy.

Outdoors, the trees west casting shadows in unusual shapes.

The branches definitely created an interesting effect on the board.

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