Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mixed Media - LEGO Quest #12

For the twelfth LEGO Quest challenge, the focus is on mixed media. Mixed media means to combine one or more other objects or art mediums with a LEGO creation. The creation can be subject.

Here is a list of some items that can be combined with a LEGO creation: beads, cardboard, clay, drawings, edible materials, found objects, fabric, glue, ice, jewels, marbles, metal, paintings, paper, plastic, sand, stone, wax, wire, and wood.

For Olivia's creation, she chose to make a walking bridge over a river.

The non-LEGO items she added included stone-carved animals, a shell, and rocks.

 She put the rocks in or near the river.

The turtle and duck were in the river, while the little animal near the bridge was on the grass by the flowers.

This was the first time that Olivia combined non-LEGO items with a LEGO creation. It was definitely a stretch for her and challenged her to think out of the box in terms of creating a scene.

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