Sunday, November 25, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Weaving or Queen Anne's Stitch - Week 47

This week for Take a Stitch Tuesday, I am departing from the stitches that are suggested and going back and learning some basic ones that I never learned. Many of the new ones that are being suggested are stitches that I know I won't use - either because they are too complicated too do or require too much effort for a tiny stitch.

So, this week I learned how to do the Weaving or Queen Anne's stitch. I enjoyed this stitch and the variety of looks that can be achieved by varying the widths of the vertical and horizontal stitches.

This stitch can be used as a darning and filling stitch. It depends on how closely the vertical and horizontal lines are placed to one another. The closer they are together, the more effectively they will fill a space. This is shown by a few variations of the stitch in the samplers I made.

I only included two images this week in my journal:

=> Apron - to represent making the Thanksgiving dinner for my sister's family, brother's family, and my family.

=> Cabin in the snow-covered woods - this is what it began looking like on Thanksgiving evening. After a mild and beautiful November, the weather abruptly changed to snow and frigid temperatures on Thanksgiving evening. Quite a change in less than a day!

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