Sunday, November 18, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Herringbone Ladder Filling Stitch - Week 46

At this point in the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge, I'm finding that many of the stitches that are being presented are ones that I know that I'm not going to use for some reason (e.g., too difficult to learn, too much effort for too small of a stitch, sits way above the fabric).

So, I've been finding some easier stitches that I have never learned and am learning those. I want to continue doing the challenge of learning a new stitch each week during 2012 as well as combining those stitches into a personal/gratitude journal.

This week I found the Herringbone Ladder Filling Stitch (also called the Interlaced Band) that I thought looked like an interesting stitch.

Herringbone Ladder Filling Stitch.
I chose rainbow colors to remind me 
of the rainbow that Olivia noticed.

The first step is to do two parallel rows of the back stitch (the cream-color floss). Then, with a contrasting color (or colors), you weave under and over the stitches creating "knots" and a woven look.

The rainbow spiral using the 
Herringbone Ladder Filling Stitch.

One of the challenges of doing this stitch is that unless you are paying very close attention and counting both sides of the back stitch, invariably there will be an uneven number of stitches on a free-style design. This creates a less uniform, random look compared to do the stitching on Aida cloth.

Once I was done with the sampler, I included it in my journal along with the name of the stitch, personal reflection about what happened during the past week, a gratitude list of five items, and some images that reflect the past week.

The journal pages for the 
Herringbone Ladder Filling Stitch

The images are:

Round Rainbow - Reminds me of the rainbow that Olivia saw when we were at the Waldorf School's holiday fair. She and Sophia were playing on the playground equipment, and when Olivia looked up she saw the rainbow. This was on her 9th adoption day anniversary so it was even more special.

Christmas Stamps and image of Santa - There are two Christmas-theme postage stamps and image of Santa as a reminder of the holiday fair and getting ready for Christmas...which is now just a little over a month away.

Celebrate Stamp - This stamp is a reminder of celebrating Olivia's 9th adoption day anniversary on the 17th. It's hard to believe that nine years ago she was only 10 months old, in China, and was joining our family. She has been a blessing in more ways than she will ever know!

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