Sunday, December 4, 2011

Visit Gammelgarden & Donate Food - Countdown to Christmas - Day 4

Today's activities for the Countdown to Christmas included visiting Gammelgarden to see the holiday decorations; going to play practice; and donating food to the food shelf.

Male Gnome
Gnome at Gammelgarden.

Gammelgarden is a museum that we visit regularly.  The name means "Old Farm" in Swedish. During the summer, visitors can tour the buildings and learn more about the lives and experiences of early Swedish immigrants. Gammelgarden is the only open-air museum devoted to Swedish immigration in the United States.

So, each year at Gammelgarden I take a picture of the girls by the gnome display by the front door. Apparently, someone in the pink coat thought it would be funny to cross her eyes. So, Sophia looks like she has crossed-eyes - a new visual challenge she aquired since last year.

Advent - Day 4 - Visit Gammelgarden
The girls by the gnome display
at Gammelgarden.

There was a little snowstorm on Saturday, so everything was covered with snow. It was the light, fluffy kind of snow which is nice - no need to snowplow, and shoveling is easy to do.

Snow-Covered Dala Horse
A dala horse covered in snow.

Gammelgarden was decorated for the holidays - St. Lucia is celebrated here on December 11th with Christmas right around the corner on the 25th.

Hearts in Window
Woven hearts in the window
at Gammelgarden.

Also, today Sophia and Olivia donated a bag of food to the food shelf. There's a collection cart in the lobby at church.

Advent - Day 4 - Donate Food to Food Shelf
Sophia and Olivia donating food
to the food shelf.

After they donated the food, they went to play practice. They will be performing in a Christmas play on December 16th and 17th.

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Rita said...

My grandfather and some of the great grandparents were Swedish Immigrants. My brother, sister, and I were the last of the full-blooded Swedes in the family. :)

So nice to see the girls donating food to the food shelves. Something people should remember all year round, especially these days. You are just the best mom!!

I hope the girls enjoy being in the Christmas play. (And that you get some pictures.) :)