Sunday, December 18, 2011

Music Performances & Dinner by the Tree - Countdown to Christmas - Day 18

Sunday, December 18th was a very  busy day. The girls sang in the choir today at both services.

The children's choir.

This was a special performance because they sang with the adult choir and were able to wear choir robes - just like the adults.

The combined children and adult choir singing "Christmastide."
It was an amazingly beautiful song that was  
brought both goosebumps and tears to those listening to it. 
It was a very moving piece.

Sophia also played the harp along with her instructor at both services. They played two verses of O Come O Come Emmanuel which led into the choir and congregation singing the song.

Sophia playing the harp as part of a duet with her teacher.
The choir and congregation sang after their prelude.

The music director at church sent me an email that brightened Sophia's day: "Please convey my deepest appreciation for Sophia's playing on Sunday. She did a marvelous job. I hope she enjoyed it. I heard many compliments and I hope the congregation told her." (Many people did come up to her afterward the services and complimented her on playing the harp. That certainly made her feel good about performing for the first time!)

In the afternoon, both of the girls participated in a piano recital at a nursing home about 40 minutes from here. All the children who played in the recital attend the local homeschool co-op, and take lessons from one of three of the piano instructors.

Both girls did a very good job. Olivia played "Cat Walk" and was happy how she did at her first piano recital.

Sophia played "Sonatina, Op 39, No. 1." When we were driving home she said she was relieved when all the performances for the day were over.

Out of the three types of performances, she said, singing was the easiest since the focus isn't on one's on the group. Piano was next in terms of ease, and then harp was the most difficult. However, all were enjoyable and she is read to perform again...but not before January, she said.

The girls by the grand piano.

Once the girls finished playing, we could all relax and enjoy the rest of the concert. There were piano pieces as well as violin, saxophone, and vocal pieces; with a nice mixture of Christmas and non-Christmas music.

We all needed to end the day on a relaxing note. So, we had dinner by the Christmas tree. We spread out a tablecloth on the floor, turned on the lights by the Christmas tree, and ate dinner - pizza and cheese bread from the local pizza shop.  (I would have put a picture of the dinner except the only thing you can see are the lights and outlines of people.)

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