Sunday, December 19, 2010

Countdown to Christmas - Day 19 (Santa Watch + Gifts in a Jar)

Bunny on Santa Watch
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One idea I read about many years ago (and finally got around to doing this year) was to let children put their favorite stuffed animals or dolls be part of the Christmas celebration.

This year, I had the girls put some favorite stuffed animals and dolls by the Christmas tree. Olivia chose a rabbit that she dressed in doll clothes and put on a blanket. Sophia chose three dolls with accompanying pets who also sat on a blanket.

The girls are wondering if Santa will do anything special for the dolls and animals.

Note after Christmas:

Santa did, indeed, give a little gift to each doll or animal that was placed by the tree. Since Sophia put three dolls out, each one received a tiny gift - a necklace, keychain, and crocheted heart.

Olivia's bunny received a coin purse with a tiny fairy tea set and a crocheted heart.

Here's a picture of the dolls on Christmas day:

Sophia, Olivia, and I also made some gifts in a jar.  Sophia and I made lemon coconut cookie mix in a jar; and Olivia and I made brownie mix in a jar.  These were given to my mom (the girls' grandmother) with the instructions printed in 20 point type (since she has vision challenges).  The instructions were glued onto decorative paper and attached to the jar ring with a ribbon.  The lid was covered with matching decorative paper.

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