Monday, December 13, 2010

Countdown to Christmas - Day 13 (Make Felt Ornaments)

WIP - Felt Ornaments
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Today's activity as we move toward Christmas, is making ornaments. I cut pieces from wool felt for five ornaments.

The top two are blue and purple ornaments with a white decorative top (there's an image of two birds, 2 hearts, and circles). The pattern came from "Living Crafts" magazine. There's a pattern for a rather large version of the ornament (a five-sided star that could be used as a tree-topper). However, I didn't have a piece of wool felt that large, so I chose to do smaller ornaments instead.

The green ornament will be a tree. The red and white ornaments are going to be miniature clothes (a dress and shirt) that will be hung on little hangers on the tree.

The girls will each pick one (or more) of the ornaments to make. I'll make the rest of the ornaments.

Since they had classes and piano lessons at the homeschool co-op today, this project will continue tomorrow.

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Annie@Imagination said...

I'm making those living crafts ornaments at the moment -- I I didn't have felt pieces large enough either - so my star height is about 7.5" instead of 9 something... I really love the look - ours are gifts for the children's waldorf teachers