Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Journal Quilt

This is the second journal quilt that I've made in 2010. This represents things and people who I love - both who are living and have passed on.

I chose the colors of purple, pink, and red for 2 reasons: (1) they are commonly seen around Valentine's Day and (2) they represent one of my favorite colors (purple), Sophia's favorite color (pink), and one of Olivia's favrotie colors (red).

The size of this quilt is approximately 9x12 inches. The backing is purple and wraps around the front for the edging.

With the exception of the fabric that the cat is on (which is knit), it is all cotton fabric.

I won't be including knit fabric in a quilt anytime soon. It definitely was too challenging to work with and made the side of the quilt uneven. My skill level with quilting isn't high enough to know how to work with knit and cottons together.

This is what the top half of the quilt represents:

This is what the bottom half of the quilt represents:

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