Saturday, March 13, 2010


Made a simple cheese - paneer - with Sophia and Olivia. Started with a gallon of whole milk and heated it on medium heat. Added lemon juice and then the curds began to separate from the whey.

Eventually, when the whey turns a yellowish color, it is time to pour the mixture through a clean dish-towel lined colander. The curds will remain in the colander while the whey drains through the holes.

Then the towel needs to be twisted at the top and even more whey will be released from the curds. The curds then are placed under a water-filled container for about a day. They cheese is then ready for use.

In retrospect, I would have added some fresh herbs or other flavoring to the curds before placing it under the water-filled container. In this way, there would have been some taste to the cheese. Otherwise, it is a rather bland cheese. Nonetheless, it was an interesting process to watch...and an easy introduction to cheesemaking.

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