Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

On the eve of St. Patrick's Day, the girls set up a leprechaun trap and place their shoes on the table with the hope that they will be repaired by their cobbler-friend, the leprechaun.

Last year, our shoes were in dire need of repair. Although they were disappointed that the shoes were left in the same condition that they were the previous night, they were happy that the leprechaun left some magical gold coins.

This year, the trap came out again. The penny-lined pathway with pinecones here and there, some gems and rocks, and paper-cut shamrocks led to the trap.

Along the way, the girls set up a little eating area for the leprechaun - with a blueberry on the plate and some water in the cup.

In the morning, the girls awoke to a trap void of a leprechaun, but at the bottom were some magical gold coins again. There was gold dust sprinkled all over the table, the floor, and even on the chair and plate where the leprechaun ate.

As with last year, the shoes were not repaired. But that didn't matter. The blueberry was eaten and the water was gone. And the girls had some gold coins. Ones they are keeping "forever"...because they are special to them and remind them of St. Patrick's Day.

For breakfast, I made Irish Soda Bread; and later we read about St. Patrick. Last year, we did a unit study on Ireland and St. Patrick which was very interesting. Both Sophia and Olivia want to visit Ireland some day...and see the Blarney Stone. Wonder what their wishes will be...

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