Thursday, February 25, 2021

Secrets of a Financial Aid Pro - Book Notes

 As Olivia begins to think about potential colleges to attend starting in September 2022, we need to look at all options for financial aid. A book from the library caught my eye recently: Secrets of a Financial Aid Pro by Jodi Okun. 

The book is written for first-time parents who will be sending a son or daughter to college. However, there is still some valuable information for those who have already gone through the process once (or more). Here are few things I thought would be useful to know during the upcoming year: 

- When looking at your top schools, do a chart with the following categories: name of college, location, what you like about it, type of school (e.g., big or small, public or private), concerns, cost, average financial aid award, best majors offered, student life (e.g., clubs, sports, other desired offerings), companies that recruit here.

- Set a specific amount of time each week to work on the college process.

- Clean up social media pages. All the platforms should be private so that only people a student approves can see posts. 

The rest of the book I was already familiar with (e.g., filling out the FAFSA, types of available aid). So, I skimmed through that. This book would be good, though, for someone who is unfamiliar with the financial aid process and what needs to be done - especially during the high school years. 

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