Sunday, December 6, 2015

Where Women Create: Quilters - Their Quilts, Their Studios, Their Stories - Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks - Week 49

For the 49th week of the Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge, I read Where Women Create: Quilters - Their Quilts, Their Studios, Their Stories by Jo Packham.

Under David Butler's section there was an image of quilt flags. They were made using the patterns of flag, but not in the typical colors that you would associate them with which made them quite intriguing and beautiful.

After doing a quick search, I found that it leads to Amy Butler's PDF pattern that can be purchased for $10. There are seven different applique/quilt patterns that can be made. As the description says:

I designed these flags as an easy project with plenty of creative legroom! We're giving you instructions on how to make them as individual flags using grommets, but you can also simply sew them together to make a great patchwork flag quilt, pillows, wall hanging, or even skirt. Great possibilities might come in the form of your favorite country, sports team, or maybe a nautical theme for a boy's room. At any rate, enjoy! - David Butler (Parson Gray)  FINISHED DIMENSIONS: Each finished flag measures 12" wide x 18" long.

Another design that I liked that several quilters used was circles in various forms and patterns. It seems like the "typical" quilt uses such angular lines and shapes - lots of squares and rectangles. So, it is particularly refreshing for me to see circles used. I'm not sure how to best do that and be able to create such smooth lines. Perhaps sometime in the future I can take a quilting class and learn how to do this.

The  book was visually uplifting and beautiful to look at; and had so many inspiring ideas. It made me realize how much I miss sewing and quilting...even if what I do pales in comparison to what these quilters are able to create. What's important is that the quilts all meant something to me and reflect where I was in my life and my skill level at the time.

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Rita said...

I always loved the idea of women meeting for quilting circles where they could just sit and hand-sew and chat and relax. I don't know how to quilt but I have always been drawn to them. :)