Sunday, September 27, 2015

Art Before Breakfast - Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks - Week 39

For the 39th week of the Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge, I read Art Before Breakfast by Danny Gregory.

I was intrigued by the title because the time before breakfast - for me - is the best time to get anything done. It's quiet with everyone still sleeping and there are no interruptions.

The author said, "creativity isn't a luxury. It's the essence of life. It's what distinguishes us from the mush. And it's why our ancestors survived while other less adaptive critters perished. They responded to change by being creative in some way, by inventing a new a new answer to the chaos.

"To make the most of our inventive, open, flexible, in touch. To have perspective on what matters to you. To deal with change without being overwhelmed. And that's what creativity offers you."

He offered some tips on how to develop a creative habit:

- Do something creative every day.
- Commit to doing this for, let's say, 30 days.
- Don't go crazy with art supplies at first.
- Be consistent.
- Skip perfection.

After those initial few pages, the book offered lots of tips for doing quick drawings each day. Since drawing isn't "my thing" I flipped through the remainder of the book.

I was hoping that the word "art" in the title encompassed more than just one form of art. For those who love drawing, this would be a great book. For those of us who have other visual arts interests and skills, there was little in the book that was useful.

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Rita said...

Oh, I like Danny Gregory! He motivates to draw anything around you--just draw.
He has a group online--I think it is EDM Every Day Matters or something like that. :)